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Heating Repair: Addressing The Most Common Heating Problems

January 31, 2022

When it’s winter and cold, a heating system malfunction is a nightmare, and you want to put it to rest because you need to bear the cold.

The truth is, problems with your central heating are no stranger during this season, and they indeed become more noticeable. Many different things could happen when you hear strange noises, get no heat at all, and so on.

If you have a damaged heating system and wonder, “how do you fix central heating problems?”; here, we list the standard central heating system failures that call for heating repair.

Your Unit Won’t Start.

When we turn on a furnace, boiler, or heat pump, we’ve all been shocked when these won’t start. Each central heating system has a unique start mechanism. If it isn’t working, a heating repair is the way to go.

Dirty Components

Heating systems like furnaces and boilers have some components to be cleaned. It is a typical heating repair. Generally, buildup in these units can cause malfunctions. For instance, a dirty furnace filter will impede good airflow, making the unit overheat and causing the limit switch to prevent it from reaching the desired temperature. You could also deal with a dirty flame sensor or burner.

Whether you identify these problems or call a professional for inspection, simple cleaning and, in some cases, a replacement will do the trick. Here is a small list of parts of your heating systems that need to be cleaned:

Thermostat Issues

Almost everyone experiences a problem with their thermostat in some way. They can vary from a minor heating repair like replacing the batteries or an old thermostat. Getting a professional inspection and heating repair is always a great idea if your thermostat is damaged.

Faulty Components

Your heating system may only be experiencing a minor mishap; still, it might need some repairs and replacements; this can be determined through a detailed inspection and diagnosis. However, there are some components that we see go wrong more frequently. If you wonder, “Why my heating system isn’t working?” chances are one of the following elements is causing trouble:

Frozen Pipes

In the wintertime, you may not only experience problems from the toll in your heating systems but also from the weather itself. Your central heating systems may not be stranger to the occasional frozen pipes. It is also a frequent heating repair done in the winter.

Lack Of Maintenance

Malfunctions can happen all the time, but a leading cause for it is poor care. We can’t stress enough how crucial preventative maintenance is for your HVAC systems, so we advise you to keep up with it. We have a blog dedicated to furnace maintenance to help.

More Signs You Need Heating Repair

If your heating units aren’t working or heating inefficiently, you’ll tell there is an issue right away. There also are plenty of other ways to know if you need heating repair, which are:

Need Help With Heating Repair?

Keeping an eye on these common central heating system problems may give you a better clue on the next step. Suppose you ever come to need help with any heating repair. In that case, we are happy to serve you at R&R Mechanical Service Inc. We have a full mechanical service at your disposal!

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