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Do Heat Pumps Work With Radiators?

June 1, 2021

A heat pump HVAC system is highly functional. It is excellent that you can both heat and cool your home through a single system. Property owners are often starting to notice this and shifting towards a heat pump system thanks to its energy-efficient capability.

If you are hunting for better HVAC solutions for your home, we share a bit of helpful information to do so regarding heat pumps. A common question that surges is, “Do heat pumps work with radiators?” We dedicate this post to answering it.

Why Does It Matter?

You may be wondering why anyone would ask, “do heat pumps work with radiators?”. Even when a heat pump can provide heating and cool for your home, the heating temperatures may not be enough for people living in colder climates. They work best for milder climate regions.

Also, many people with older homes can use radiators as a heating system, making it harder to transition to a newer HVAC system, like heat pumps. A homeowner habiting an older property may be satisfied if these two can coexist. Luckily they can.

Heat Pump Radiators

So do heat pumps work with radiators? Yup. 

A heat pump HVAC system uses heat, whether from the air or the ground. It provides heating through the process of compressing and transferring it from a liquid to water. To distribute the heat to your home, you will require underground flooring.

Underfloor heating isn’t an option for two-story houses, yet this is why the second alternative is distributing the heat through radiators. You can opt for using radiators on the second floor with your heat pump system to draw from water heated by the heat pump. It also works if you already have radiators installed. It will also keep your home warm, even in colder regions.

Requirements For Installing A Heat Pump with Radiators.

Now you know that it is possible to use your heat pump system with radiators. Still, first, you will have to ensure if your current radiator will be compatible with a heat pump.

Your radiator’s capability to add the remnant heat required to support the standard heat pump maximum temperature (45°C) is essential. It will indicate if it’s possible to use it with a heat pump system. Depending on the size, radiators can heat up to 60°C. You will need an oversized radiator to pair with this HVAC system.

If you were eager to get a more energy-efficient HVAC system, heat pumps are the perfect match. Now, if your radiators fit the requirements, you can ditch the worries of having to replace your radiators.

At R&R Mechanical Inc., we are happy to answer and share more of your HVAC knowledge in future posts. Stay tuned for that, and don’t hesitate to ask us directly!

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