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Are Ductless Split Systems Ideal for Commercial HVAC?

November 11, 2020

We’ve reviewed the great benefits of ductless mini-split systems before, specifically Mitsubishi mini-split systems and we really like the benefits of this option for ultimate comfort.

With the importance of high-quality HVAC systems for every property, we’d like to further discuss if they can be a good alternative for all types of properties, especially if they’re fit for commercial HVAC.

Are They Up for the Task?

Now, the word “mini” can make anyone dubious about the split system’s capacity to be fit for commercial HVAC. Ductless mini-split systems are referred to as that because of their compacted size. It counts with two parts that are connected, the indoor unit and outdoor unit.

Every type of commercial HVAC system serves different needs, but we certainly recommend ductless split systems for light commercial to medium commercial use.

What types of businesses can benefit from a mini-split system? For instance, restaurants, spas, retail stores, small offices, and other small to medium commercial properties.

If you go for a ductless mini-split system, you can experience many benefits for your business:

Additional FAQs About Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems for Commercial HVAC.

Can They Be Used for Heating As Well?

Yes! Mini-split systems can heat and cool your home thanks to heat pumps. Whether you have an AC-only unit or a cooling and heating unit, you’ll always have the desired temperature for your home.

Are They Only Fit for Single Rooms?

Maybe you don’t find the idea of installing an indoor and outdoor unit for every room in your business appealing. If that’s the case, multi-split system units are an excellent option for commercial HVAC. These systems allow for up to 8 indoor units to operate under a single outdoor unit. Energy Efficiency is significantly increased with this system.

Are Ductless Systems Better for Commercial HVAC?

A ductless commercial HVAC system like a split system can have many pros. Certain properties’ configurations require ductwork, but split systems are easy to install and maintain. A split system eliminates certain common risks with ducts like pests, dust, or other contaminants to pollute your indoor air. The installation process of a split system is also less invasive than that of ductwork.

The Best Ductless Split Systems for Commercial HVAC

Just like there’s an ideal commercial HVAC solution for you, there’s an ideal split system solution. Our top pick is Mitsubishi’s mini-split systems which R&R Mechanical Services has available for you.

Finding the best commercial HVAC solutions is easier with an expert’s input. We hope this blog helped your decision over commercial HVAC easier. However, if you want more assistance on the topic, make sure to contact us!

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