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A Guide to Air Conditioning Maintenance Philadelphia

April 8, 2021

With cooler months passing, we start welcoming warmer months in Philadelphia. Every season change is a reminder to keep up with your HVAC systems’ maintenance. We know for sure in these hot seasons, you will be using your air conditioning frequently.

You might have left your AC untouched for a few months. Because of this, we recommend executing air conditioning maintenance here in Philadelphia. This way, you can make sure it will bear the weather surprises. Besides, we are staying at home as much as possible. You want your systems to be up for the task.

Check for Any Problems & Address Repairs

Part of good air conditioning maintenance in Philadelphia or anywhere is to test it beforehand and detect problems with your AC early. This way, the issues won’t aggravate once you start using it with more frequency.

It’s good to test run on your AC after a long time inactive to check if it functions well. There may be issues and repairs that you’ll need to address. 

Here are some common signs of AC problems. If you experience any of these, call your HVAC expert ASAP:

If you experience any of the above, it is good to get all necessary repairs addressed on time, or they could get worse. Better to be safe than sorry.

Outdoor Unit Maintenance

Your cooling system counts on two units—an interior and exterior one. The outdoor AC unit has exposure to the elements and other eventualities, so it requires more upkeep on your part. 

Air conditioning maintenance in Philadelphia is essential after the winter has passed, whether you wrap your unit or leave it exposed. Here are some maintenance tasks you can do yourself. However, don’t start anything before your power off the brakes, thermostat, and voltage:

Cleaning or replacing filters is a common point in every air conditioning maintenance checklist. You may know that AC filters need proper cleaning, and once in a while, they need replacement as well, hence the heads up.

You should replace your air filters monthly because even though it may not look like it, the filters may be filthy. Make sure to get them replaced before you start making full use of them if you haven’t already. Replacement is crucial to indoor air quality, which you can read more about it in another blog.

Clean the Vents and Returns

For central air conditioning units, air conditioning maintenance in Philadelphia may include taking care of the vents for optimum functionality and good air quality. You can take off and vacuum your return grills.

Get Preventive Maintenance

Now is the ideal time to get air conditioning maintenance in Philadelphia. We are talking specifically about professional preventive maintenance. Of course, other tasks must occur, but it’s better to let an expert take care of the job.

You want your unit to be 100% ready for the upcoming seasons. Count on us for air conditioning maintenance in Philadelphia. Contact your professionals at R&R Mechanical Service for assistance!

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