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When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned?

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Here are some of the products that we specialize in for your home air quality:

Cleaner, healthier air: Mold, fungus and harmful bacteria are killed in their tracks so your home’s air quality is restored back to freshness. You’ll also benefit from reduced allergy symptoms and asthma attacks.Save money: The UVC Light continously cleans the coil and drain pan, making your system run more effeciently, resulting in less energy use and lower utility bills.

Electronic Air Cleaner

MERV 16 efficiency rating — the highest achievable MERV rating — is available with Acclimate HEAC 3000, which stops particles down to 0.3 microns. Captures 98% of particles down to the size of one micron without losing its effectiveness.

Permanently traps and kills captured bacteria and spores.

Service only once a year with no washing or vacuuming.

According to an independent lab test, the Acclimate HEAC 3000 offers the best performance, serviceability, and HVAC resistance.

Named one of the 50 Most Innovative New Products of 2008 by Professional Remodeler Magazine.

Close to 100% air cleaner effectiveness over a one-year period as compared to other electronic air cleaners, which drop off repeatedly throughout the year and require multiple servicing. The Acclimate™ HEAC 3000 only requires maintenance once during the year — a simple five-minute process.

Electronic Air Cleaner


Bypass Humidifier

Bypass Humidifier
Bypass humidifiers mount easily to the warm or return plenum. Water is supplied to the distribution tray and flows evenly across the water panel. Heat from the heating system then causes the water to evaporate and properly humidified air (vapour) gets distributed throughout your entire home. Silent operation thanks to bypass connection to opposite end of furnace.
Front access door for quick and easy removal and replacement of water panel (annually).
Available in manual or automatic humidistat.

Fan Powered Humidifier

Fan-powered units mount easily on the supply air plenum and blow moisture vapor directly into the ductwork. Reduced noise thanks to the combination of the engineered fan and motor.
Front access door for quick and easy removal and replacement of water panel (annually).
Available in manual or automatic humidistat.
Fan Powered Humidifier

Total Comfort Systems – Heat Recovery Ventilators

Total Comfort Systems - Heat Recovery Ventilators
The Heat Recovery Ventilator System removes stale, unhealthy air and replaces it with a stream for fresh air. Its powerful centrifugal blowers bring fresh air into your home and at the same time, exhaust stale humid air in an equal amount. Both incoming and outgoing air streams pass through a heat exchange core where the energy from the exhaust air is efficiently transferred to the incoming fresh air. An air duct system supplies the fresh air brought in by the ventilator and distributes it throughout your home. Another duct draws the existing stale, humid air back to the ventilator and then exhausts it outdoors.

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